Too much!

Today I had to drag myself out of bed. It is the telltale sign of "too much". Yesterday was a day of too much. I awoke too early (too much awake time). I had too much to do. Between hauling the band member to early practice and getting the other two off in time for their busses, (too much stuff) I was able to grab some coffee and a bowl of cereal.

I tried to do some work online, but the connection was not working (too much frustration). I headed out to try and finish painting a house I've been working on and almost got done (too much area for my time).

After getting home I showered and got into character for a play I'm in (too much fun). I took my daughter, who is also acting a part, and drove to give our performances (too much distance). Snacks were provided there (too much junk) and we were off to our positions. As dark descended, my chatter strained my voice (too much talking) and I ended the night hoarse. The only thing I did not have too much of was sleep.

#truestory #toomuch #exhausted



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