Frugal confession #37

I actually have three confessions, but I'll put them in three separate blogs. This one has to do with countering waste with repurposing.

I work at a place requiring uniforms. Employees have a stipend to order uniforms. The suppliers change all the time, so sizes vary crazily across the gamut. My supervisor ordered her new shirts in the size she normally wears based on the sizing chart, and they came in precisely as ordered. The size was way off! She was unable to wear them. At all. They are not returnable (for some inane reason) and so she had four new shirts which were useless to her and she could not get any more new ones until next year.

Bummer because she needed new shirts, and bummer because that is utter waste.

Because of the logo, she cannot use them for anything else but work.

In comes Janine, needing new work clothes. A light flashes in my supervisors head: Would Janine like to try her new useless shirts so they aren't wasted.

Oh, YES, Janine would, but we do not wear the same size.

"Not to worry," says my supervisor, "they will very closely fit, I promise!"

My supervisor was RIGHT! I now have four new shirts and two pair of slacks on order. I have offered her the rest of my funds to get a couple of new shirts for herself.

THAT is frugality at work!

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