The return of Autumn

A friend wrote on social media her delight in the fall temperatures return after a hiatus of rather hot temps prevailed. I giggle every time I read this and thought you might enjoy it as well:

Oh 46 degrees, how I have missed you. You, too, 50 degrees. And 55 degrees? I'm delighted to see you again. All of you...your entire family of FALL TEMPS...are welcome here anytime (especially in September). Your rowdy cousins the 80s are lost on planet Earth and can't seem to find the door back to their family SUMMER TEMPS. But tomorrow? It's a FALL TEMP party! The whole family will par-tay with ME! Join me!

by A.W. Miller

I hope everyone can delight as much as she in the autumn air today. Happy Fall!

#nature #fresh #newattitude



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