Walls into water

Recently, I was taken back to my memories of Venice, where a new group of people are having their own experience under the deft handling of the guide I had there. The lovely memories I hold were in my wonder at this very different way of life. Buildings rising out of the water, decorated with centuries of deterioration. Vehicles to float you from location to location and bridge after bridge after bridge.

Under or over, there was nary a place to go that didn't require crossing one of these arched structures.

Laundry hung outside the windows, over the canals to dry. I had to wonder how many times something had dropped in, or if the laundry ever truly dried.

Yes, Venice was magical for me, and I believe it is so for many others. How wonderful it is to spend time in a place that is so very different from one's own existence! It gives the mind fodder to feed the imagination, and the soul a new escape.

#architechture #laundry


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