Frugal confession #36

Frugality is a fun challenge for me. At least it is when I have a choice in the matter. There have been times when there was no choice and frugality became auto-pilot mode. A good and safe way to fall back on; where 'no' becomes the most common utterance, and little things, like a cookie, become a special treat. It gives one a base from which to measure the abundance in one's life.

Lately, having more expenses than before (with extra-curricular activities) and higher prices for what we paid little or nothing for in our previous home, I have felt the pinch again. Auto-pilot is fully engaged and I find myself struggling against...myself. It is, important to me that I make as little trace of my consumption on this planet as possible, but finding balance with that and the culture in our new situation has become a bit of a dilemma. So I wanted to confess that my frugality at this time is lived in a slightly disgruntled state. I will try harder in the weeks to come to find my joy in it again. I hope you can find joy here with me!



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