Relativity theory in action

"I saw on the weather that tomorrow's temperature isn't even going to get above 70!" This, from a dinner table conversation after a wave of hot and humid in mid-September, was followed by: "You know, if I were saying this in February I would have to change it to ' going to get all the way up to 70'.

Perspectives change over space, time and circumstance. It seems like there are various times in our lives that predispose our perspective. Such as looking towards your future when you have just married the person you love. It seems that only good opportunities and new adventures await. Looking at one's future after losing one's job or a split from the one you thought you loved would highlight more of the difficulties one might face. Mere perspective when one steps outside to look in, but difficult to go through when stuck inside this reality.

In my own experience, life has proved worth riding the difficult times, and, oh, yes! There have been a great many difficulties in my life. It seems to me, when I look back, that there is a counter to each of those challenges which was made even sweeter by having gone through the hard time. Because of this, I can navigate each new stumbling block that is thrown in my path. It's not always a graceful episode, but once on the other side I am blessed with clarity and direction.

So the challenge is there for all: Step out, find another set of shoes to step in, and see the world from there. It is a good exercise for the mind, especially the conscience, and may prove a useful tactic at this juncture in your life. It will certainly change your focus.



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