Play Day

Today this family played. We took a break from all the work that comes with a new house and making it a home, and drove off in the car for another time and place and culture. We made some fire using a magnifying glass, watched people knap flint into tools and listened to the song of a native culture. We threw a few atlatls, wandered along paths filled with folks appreciating a time not so very long ago when humans lived from the earth and with nature, respecting all that the earth provided.

We also toured an old grain mill that has been brought back to an historic life in Dade county, MO. A nice, easy, midday romp and we were able to return home in plenty of time to get back to work. But not before stretching our imaginations a bit more on the clouds out the car windows. The kids saw a pirate ship, a few animal mixes and a 'gonna get you' face among others I did not hear. I think it might be one of the last times I get to experience a family outing of this sort as school overtakes my young crews' lives and they take advantage of the opportunities we moved them here for. I am relishing my Saturday off for this reason. I even played some Mario with my youngest, which everyone had a good laugh about since it took me 15 tries to get through level 1 (whatever that means).

The point is to make the memories so we can reminisce down the road a bit, and laugh again. Those emotions that we experience together are what we will remember. The details may get lost, but the emotion will stay as fresh as the moment it was experienced. I hope you are making some memories today too.

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