loss and life

Upon the loss of a friend...

My heart weeps, though I knew it would come.

Your brutal honesty and bear love engulfed me each time we gathered together.

Your presence, no longer solid, will continue to occupy space in my brain and my heart.

I will hear your rough and gruff as I go through my everyday.

Your words stinging of raw truths to consider.

Sifting the chaff from the grain and mincing no words

to let me or anyone else within earshot know:

"This, then, is what is important in life, forget the other junk!"

How many times did you say, "Yes, call me for anything, ANYTHING you need, ok?"

The last time only days ago.

I tell my kids that the prize for living is to die. I don't want them surprised

by someone's demise. Why, then, were they surprised by yours? You, old and ill.

You had such impact over all of your years on so many generations. Any, it seems,

who knew you, at a minimum, respected you. Those who were lucky learned from and loved you. Breaching cultural, gender, generational and racial boundaries was standard.

Your judgement was on core character, the rest was fluff. You didn't do fluff.

So, back to the earth goes your old body. For me that's the reality I knew would come.

Your legacy, however, remains in place with every life you touched and taught. Truths will continue to be pondered. Core character will continue to be built. Fluff will be caught in the breeze. Or perhaps that is your spirit collecting it and clearing it away to reveal the truths?

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