Poetry anyone?

I have been reading poetry this afternoon and my heart had to write. I decided to use the pictures I took of Michelangelo's masterpiece "David" as companion poetry of a different form.

One could hardly argue this to be anything other than poetry in stone.

How to Stretch the Heartstrings

Read poetry. Apply the words to your life as you understand it.

Cry with the author. Laugh at your tears. Feel the connection.

Listen to the wind. Now do the same of your heart. Can you hear it?

There is a song in each.

Apply the wind song to your heart and you will dream.

Apply the heart song to the wind and you can stretch your heartstrings.

Remember that feeling. Now find paper and pen.

Write a poem. Share it with others.

Listen as the maestro pulls on the heartstrings of every poet.

Many different chords play.

That is a symphony of heartstrings. It plays in your soul whenever you read poetry.

I love symphonies, don’t you?

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