Reduce and Reuse

I am practicing what I preach. My yard currently has a sizable collection of 5 peoples' no-longer-in-use belongings. This is called a yard sale. Some people have garage sales, but that requires using a garage for the sale, which I am not. Other people have estate sales, but I am not yet ready to give up my entire estate, nor do I want a fast-talking auctioneer around to raise my ire, so yard sale it is.

I have visited many, bought from a few, and between these, thrift stores, flea markets and Craig's List, I have collected a fair amount more than my needs to outfit my life. The running joke in my car is to sound like a siren whenever you spot a sale sign. No longer! Now I am passing my belongings on (the reduce part) to others through this re-use methodology. Yup, it sure feels good to live leaner. Well, at least a little bit leaner. :-)

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