Here honey...

It is said that the olfactory is the most vivid sense in recall. I have to agree. I just ate a fresh, ripe Bartlet pear with local honey and a three-year sharp cheddar. A nod to the wine-tasting I experienced in Italy to be sure, even without imbibing.

It was in Italy that I learned to use honey on hard cheeses that bite back. It's a combination that is enhanced with a nice white wine. The flavors and aromas of cheese and fruit mingling together in polite conversation until Honey arrives and tickles one's taste-buds, making it impossible not to smile and feel loved. Deeply loved, like the universe just shared a secret with you and dares you to keep it to yourself. IMPOSSIBLE! My daughter happened to be walking through the kitchen as I was preparing my indulgence, so, to merely see her priceless face when she has been stunned by something intensely good, I shared. I was not disappointed, nor was she.

Our guide in Italy suggested trying honey infused with truffle on such things. My first thought was, how odd a combination that was; earthy truffle fungus in such a sweet vehicle. Let me tell you how glad I was to have not paid any mind to that thought! Very tasty on the cheese with fruit. Of course the wine made it all blend on the tongue and wash effortlessly down the gullet. That is how wine is best used...with good food. Salute!

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