frugal confession #34

One of my daughter's teachers has a distinctly different policy about water in her classroom.

Let me remind you of my love for frugality here, and my conservation ethic before we continue. If you have been reading the frugal confessions, you are likely aware of my struggles to not waste stuff during the last 7 months and the plastic free July exercise just finished.

So, when my daughter comes home with a story like this, my whole being perks up! This teacher starts with the locations of the recycling bins around the room, then tells of this policy of having water in class. You see, she doesn't pick on any type of container, but simply states that no purchased water is allowed in her room. I LOVE IT! This sings to my sensitivity over waste and not utilizing the perfectly potable water we pay the city for. It screams " Look how privileged we are to have indoor plumbing and safe drinking water"! It prevents the needless use of petroleum to produce a plastic bottle and the diesel fuel used to ship it all over. It stops dead in its track the possibility of littering or using landfill space for that never-leaving-the-environment plastics molecule; that ever-leaching-toxins into the food web container; the main ingredient in all those garbage patches. Whew! How refreshing to have such an influence out there for kids.

A toast to all those who care...grab a glass and turn on that tap!

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