Here comes the moon, doo do doo doo dooo, ...and I say, It's all right

Here I sit under the shade of a pin oak tree having a picnic with myself in my chosen eclipse viewing spot. I know I’m the only person here, but I am only one among at least several MILLION other people who are doing exactly the same thing all over the eclipse zone, so I don’t feel lonely.

As the sun is beginning to wear more moon, the shadows look odd…though I’m not sure how. I have no prickly hair uprising about my neck, but the radiant heat is leaving and the air feels good blowing against my skin.

Now that the 96% has come and gone, the air is warming back up and the shadows look more normal. There is a twilight hue all around that is leaving as the moon continues its journey past the sun and the greens are returning to their normal shade.

I am posting the collection of pictures (the decent ones anyway) I took for your amusement. I will say though that the sun looked the same through the camera even at the 96% point.

Have a grand post-eclipse evening and see if you notice the same colors at twilight tonight.




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