Frugal confession #33- eclipsed

If you have not yet heard, there will be a total solar eclipse on Monday here across the North American continent. Being a fan of science, I went online to research a few things about it, since I live so close to the path of totality. I even purchased a book with some funny looking viewing glasses which gives a little information about it, though it is written for a 3rd-grade reader. I really thought if I didn't purchase it at that moment, I would forget and not have the glasses when I needed them. The book was a bonus.

Now, my frugal nerve was vibrating when I did purchase the book, because the price was more than I thought fair and it was covered in plastic wrap. I purchased it anyway. Sometimes, frugal has to be thrown out the window. This is one of those times.

Meanwhile, I decided not to travel the extra hour or two to gain access to the 100% total area and am going to stay here in my 96% eclipse area and experience what is local and mine, guilt-free. I hope many of you will likewise experience the eclipse where you are outside if you have the opportunity. I hope everyone gets to do a little research about it and ponder the wonders and workings of this universe. I hope everyone can find a pair of eclipse glasses too, so you don't hurt your eyes!

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