New life

T-O-W-N-I-E. TOWN-ie.

tOWnie. It sounds odd rolling off my tongue. I'm not quite sure how to feel when I say it.

I like many things about living in the middle of a town. Oh, how very convenient it is when we need something from the store (any kind of store!). For small items we can even walk or bike out to get them. The neighbors around are very kind and not intrusive. The trim look of the street with an eclectic mix of houses is pleasing. Dogs are walked by owners on a leash. My kids can come and go freely from the house to other peoples' houses or to town all on their own. We have city sewer and water instead of septic and well.

But I am missing the country too. The variety of bird species. My chickens. The openness when I walk outside. The silence. This town is quiet, but it never has silence for more than a couple of seconds. My brain is having difficulty adjusting to this one component more than any other. I will adjust, and I will find my silence elsewhere. I am determined to be happy here. When I am determined, I make it happen.

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