Hoarder's end-frugal confession #32

I believe! I am saved! Yes indeed, I am a changed soul! The last couple of weeks I have bought precious little at the grocery store and it feels GOOD! I have practiced what I am preaching and I can finally see results. Before even going to the store now, I take a gander through my cabinets and fridge. I try to pull something unidentifiable from the freezer a day or two ahead and work with what I have for dinner's sake. I recently thawed what looked like soup. It was some turkey stew from several months back. Not enough to feed the whole family so I added corn that is coming out of my ears (get it? ha ha!), broth and milk for a chowder that went well with...stuffing (I had several bags of this). Voila, dinner!

This may not appeal to you, but as a conservationist, I cannot see the point of pitching food that 1. I bought, 2. I have stored, 3. is still good, and 4. I can feed my family with. I buy too much food that someone in my family says they like and/or is a really good price. The waste comes when I can't muster enough imagination to use what I already have, or when the family's taste for the food changes before I've used it all. I am guilty of hoarding food because I have experienced times in my life when food was VERY limited. It is a primal reaction and easily forgivable. What is not forgivable is knowing this and not attempting to change it. At least I do not eat it all as if there were not a tomorrow to be had. Luxury to me is having a deep freezer (full) and ingredients to make whatever I desire whenever I want. Simple but true.

That has changed with this move and I am HAPPY! I have decided that the grocery store can keep my food for me. One refrigerator is enough, with the deep freezer for overflow from large gatherings. I WILL use everything I have before purchasing any more like items. It will take a while to get through it all, but I am determined to do what I intended with every purchase: EAT IT!

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