quiet mortar

We have hired a mason to rework our chimney into something useful. We are excited to be able to use it this winter, as that is our favorite kind of heat.

Our mason is a complex and quiet fellow, still young, yet old enough to have seen some of the world and learned a few things from it. He doesn't talk much, but when he does, he uses carefully considered words and thoughts. I sat upon the roof with him yesterday at lunch. I asked him what he is thinking about, all those quiet hours working alone on high. He easily spoke a mouthful of gratitude. He is thankful for where he lives and that this is where his kids are growing up. He finds it difficult to listen to people complain about the inconveniences they find here in the US when he has seen and lived where our inconveniences would be well appreciated by others. He has more consideration and gratitude for all that he has and does in his pinky finger than most people can muster over a lifetime. I like our mason. I am learning lots from him and his quiet progress. I might even learn a little masonry too.

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