It's all downhill from here

A new house to call our own. These are fine words to roll off the tongue indeed! This means stability has returned to our lives. This means a sense of ownership and with that some pride in how we make it our home. No more limbo: Now there is something to celebrate! Trouble is, all the really big changes are over. You know, the ones that are so obvious you can't help but notice and react to. We are down to the fine-tuning of home-life: Should the flatware be to the right or the left of the kitchen sink? Storage containers belong close to the dining area or near the stove? Shall I hang all my shirts or fold them into drawers?

Mundane to be sure, but when placed correctly, everything flows well and life is a little smoother, at least from the homefront. This is the important stage that will require time, testing, trial and error, and reconfiguration for the next year. That's ok, I can handle it because we are finally HOME.

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