Someone important

Today, as a treat (for you) and a cheat (for me), I give you my daughter's words:

No One Important

by Aicha Barry

I’m no one important,

But I’ll ask you something queer:

If I’m no one important,

Then tell me why I’m here?

If I’m no one important,

Then you need to tell me why

I was brought out of my mother’s womb

And underneath the sky.

I’m no one important

But I get to go to school,

And to little kids around the world,

That makes me really cool.

If I’m no one important

You should provide me with some proof

That I am just a worthless thing

Without a better use.

If I’m no one important

Then I think that I shall leave

Because if I’m no one important to you,

You’re no one important to me.

#wisewords #poetryandprose


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