Frugal confession #30

Frugal I am, but a friend informed me that it was not a great 'buzz' word, so to the “smart lookup” (provided by my computer) I went. This is what I found:

fru·gal [ˈfro͞oɡəl]


sparing or economical with regard to money or food: “he led a remarkably frugal existence”

synonyms: thrifty, economical, careful, cautious, prudent, provident, unwasteful, sparing, scrimping, abstemious, abstinent, austere, self-denying, ascetic, monkish, spartan, parsimonious, miserly…

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My use of the word frugal, though, transcends just money and food. I am frugal with the resources by which food comes into play and for which money is made. My frugality is born of compassion from my core and hinges on my perception of the state of need in relation to want. It is also informed by the butterfly effect of all of my actions and inactions in this world. You might think I am hyper-aware of too much, but I think if I am not aware of what effect my life has on the rest of the world, then I am not a very compassionate human being. If I care for something, then that is

something I care about here where I sit, and there in the middle of town, as well as that of the same half-way across the globe.

So to me, frugal is synonymous with the much gentler 'buzz' word "Green". Now I might need to start a campaign that would bring frugal the positive character association that green has, but that would not be a frugal use of my time and energy. I guess it will have to remain lumped in with less glamorous words like homely.

So, my frugal confessions are simply a way to remind myself that I am a fallible human trying my best to mitigate the unconcern and utter waste that I see going on around me and from me too. I confess that I am not always as frugal as I could be. I confess that as I try, I am making mistakes and that others are also trying and making mistakes. And I confess that I want to live in a world where people try, everyone in their own ways, to be kind and not be wasteful.

Though I am frugal in most every way, I think it important to understand when NOT to be frugal. Love, compassion and forgiveness are in short supply and will only increase when used regularly. Some things should be given in abundance. These three top my list. How about yours?

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