Plastic waves

During this plastic free month of July I am sharing a poem that arrived upon waking from a terrible dream. It was while I was researching and writing Neko Travels the Big Wave and I learned about all of the plastic floating in all of the oceans, large, whole items as well as partial and micro- plastics which the sea life ingests and becomes ill from. It was a very eye-opening process, which is why I am so determined to get out of the habit of using plastics.

In a dream, I’m swimming

Water green and blue

So tired-no breath

I can’t catch my breath

Like a fish, I have gills

To rest underwater and breath

I can’t catch my breath

Eyes open can’t see

Bits and pieces

Bags billowing

I can’t catch my breath

Caught in my nose

Filling my mouth

Flowing into my lungs

I can’t catch my breath!

I wake with a start,

breathing deep,

reach for my water bottle…and sink

#guilty #poetryandprose



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