Simply Beautiful

For me, the camera is an extension of my sight as well as a way to express what my heart has experienced. I have been this way since I was a girl and this many decades later I don’t expect that can be or should be changed. I also have begun painting with watercolors. I found the process very satisfying and healing at a time when I needed that. To put the brush to paper and make the strokes of color release an image that I have found beautiful brings me gallons of joy!

I hope that everyone has some way to experience that much joy so their buckets can refill regularly!

Simply Beautiful is an exhibition from my heart so you can enjoy the glimpse of this world the way I understand it, or stand in awe of it through these photos and paintings. I think everyone should be able to have some kind of artistic inspiration in their possession and I want to provide these here at very affordable prices.

Please enjoy my work at Art Inspired, 230 S Market Street in Downtown Springfield, MO during the month of July, 2017.

Photographs, paintings, cards and my book available for sale. Stop by anytime during July to check out my work or purchase something inspiring. My website is up all the time at to explore my world in more depth.

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