frugal confession #28

Plastic-free July is upon us according to my daughter. I asked where she got that notion and she said "the internet". What I found was or, Plastic Free July, PO Box 47, Mosman Park, Perth, WA 6912 Australia. Funny, that is the same country from which I gained much of my data for a power point presentation I gave in February.

Yes, forever trying to minimize my waste and help others in that plight, I put together and presented a talk about how much we waste, broke down the types of wastes and amounts each, even breaking down some of it per nation. The information is everywhere, but somehow doesn't make any headlines in a purely factual form.

It's not sexy I guess. That's part of why I wrote the book Neko Travels The Big Wave; to bring the problem of trash and pollution into the realm of consciousness for children. Then it will not come as a surprise when they have this huge problem that needs fixing when they grow up. My hope is that the adults that read the book to children will take it in, and perhaps do something about it now.

Anyway, I signed up for plastic free July. I will always try to use less and less plastic. I don't see it out of my world completely anytime soon, but I can certainly refuse using plastic bags at the store. And I can also refuse the lid and straw on my drinks from fast-food joints. I don't think that is very difficult for anyone. Please join me this month in refusing what plastic you can. If it doesn't bother you much, keep it going and make it a permanent habit. Let me know what you are doing and how well it is going. Thanks for playing!

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