when the walls wear joy

Such a hard thing, it is, to find a new home. A house is pretty easy, but I discovered that a house would not suffice. Included in the search for a new place to live, we searched with our hearts to find a good match for our family unit. A bit different than the usual American fair, our mélange of cultures and humor, needs, wants and that grey area that lies between, we came upon an unsuspecting old house in the middle of town which needed a bit of care and work, but met all of our requirements. When we did get to tour the inside, the walls almost leaned in to touch me in the kindest way. As if to welcome me to a joyful place, I felt...well, home. If only it were that simple to obtain such a house, but as I write, the paperwork is chugging through the machine that grinds out details, lends buyers money and matrimoniously binds people and homes together. Yes, the house that greeted me with joy spilling from its plaster pores and woodwork will hopefully be loved back and occupied by myself and my family. It will be a place with a continuum of joy in its midst, and a few updates to its character.

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