Today marks the celebrated date that the United States officially declared its separation from England. A child of another nation, the USA has become a very different place than England or anything European.

Much as I am a very different person from my own parents. I refer to me because that is what I know best. I do, however, carry traits of my parents with me everywhere I go and in my deepest thoughts. Recently I was out making a purchase for my daughter's schooling and it was not inexpensive. My mother was raised by parents of Scotch-Irish and Swedish decent. She is a very frugal person in many ways and has passed that on to me. She washes her plastic bags for as many more uses as possible. And she always tries to get a bargain. It is this trait that suddenly took over the day we were making this purchase.

Once at the register I asked if they give discounts for parents of school children. Then I asked if they would give a discount for various other things, one at a time as the sales rep was tending to our purchase. After each query the answer was a shake of the head and a smile. Finally I asked if they gave a military discount. At this he looked up and said "if you can show me some military ID". Now, I have never been in nor would anyone ever want me to be in the US military with a gun in hand, but I did volunteer my time for two years for the U S government. I know most people don't count that towards any real service, but I would argue that it is invaluable as an incredible diplomatic tool. In the end he was still shaking his head, but when the amount was given for my purchase it was $20 under the list price. Thanks Mom!

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