Frugal confession #27

A week or two ago we had a plumber out. His supervisor came out after he’d already gotten started, and left his truck running. Now, I understand leaving a vehicle running if you are just popping out to check something quickly or dropping something off. I understand it, but don’t necessarily agree with doing it. This supervisor was here for about an hour. Half way into that time I thought he had forgotten and would rather turn it off, so I asked him if he knew his truck was running. He said he did and then offered an explanation. He evidently leaves his truck running ALL THE TIME while he’s working. It is easier for him he said. I was nearly blind with frugal-incomprehension of such a concept. The waste of money, fuel, pollution and future was all I could see. I walked away and climbed up a tree. It made me feel better. My mom used to say in her annoyance that I "drove her up a wall”, but she never left the floor. I guess you could say this guy "drove me up a tree”, and my feet did leave the ground!

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