Recently there has been some upheaval in our life as a family. The main part of it was the selling of our house and moving our collected treasures and selves. Many have been through this and many more will go through it, but the common quandary is what to keep.

How many dishes, how many clothes. What are our wishes; what do we know? Something different but still our style. Something convenient, within a mile.

Do the children keep their toys or give them up a while?

How much do we want to mow and what kind of plants to grow?

Is there room for all of our stuff? We simply need "enough".

What kind of word is that, ask my friends and peers, but others older who've done without don't think that word is queer.

Elusive as this idea is, it really needs to catch, for if we're always wanting more our joy will never hatch.

So through our house we're looking hard for what we really need instead of all the clutter which currently impedes our efforts to remove ourselves and stuff from here to there. My warning for all who are like us: Buyers BEWARE!

#lifeunfolding #everydayness


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