Frugal confession #26

Today I used the dryer. Yup, I might as well come right out with it. I hate to do that, but I had my wet clothes from the washer in my trunk (don’t ask why, it has to do with living in limbo). I had taken them to the house to hang out, but got busy with other stuff and forgot they were in there. Forgot until I got to work. Not a good place for laundry to sit; wet, in a hot trunk.

My employer is always kind and reasonable, so I was able to put them in the dryer at work, but it was a good hour before I couldn’t stand listening to my conscience (or the tumbling of the dryer) anymore and removed them. They were still damp, though much dryer than before.

You see, all I can think of is that coal burning, the black smoke rising and the amount of earth that had to be dug through to obtain the coal. Also, it’s the fossil fuel that was burned in the machines that did the digging and transporting, not to mention the fuel used by the workers to get from home to the machines… Yes, I know, my mind is a very tiring place! You would be frugal too if you had a mind that works this way.

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