Today the sky looked undecided. There were lots of little white clouds floating along, others were well-formed grey mounds marching along the horizon. I thought it very interesting to watch as the blue sky peeked out and receded while Mother Nature tried to make up her mind. She did, eventually, decide on her course and without any more of an announcement beyond daytime becoming night, she let loose! Water came down in sheets, winds carried it in a diagonal course, unprepared motorists stopped in their tracks and trees danced a wild and terrifying dance. Unbridled chaos overtook the sultry heat of summer and we rode that wild pony hard.

Now the colors have returned, green for trees and grass, grey and brown wooden fences, bright pops of colors as the cars putter by, splashing puddle water up onto the sidewalk as the day continues on as if having just stepped out of the shower to shrug off the heat. Yup, it's summertime!




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