Frugal confession #24

These last few days have been a Frugalite's dream, sorting and organizing things to be gotten rid of, things to keep, and separating useless from useful. Keeping as much out of the trash-can as possible and finding new homes for what I no longer need. Yup, I am a happy yard-sale-r, bargaining away what I am done with and hoping others can find it useful in their own world. It's the ultimate recycling; preventing the necessity to produce another like item and increasing the appreciation of what is vintage.

When we find our new-to-us home we will be able to go to other yard sales and find all the items we need to decorate and fill our spaces, guilt-free. This is my second favorite way to accumulate useful items. The best way is when someone I love gives me one, then every time I use it I get to think of that person and love them some more. That may sound a bit cookie to some people, but I can tell you who gave me my kitchen towels, my dishes and even my corning-ware. I live on the loving thoughts that others gave me with their gifts. I wouldn't have it any other way. You might try it, and find a new satifaction that has just been waiting for you in all of your 'stuff'. Happy Summertime!

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