How much wood would a wood- chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

After a very long day of painting ceilings, my daughter and I were driving home down a lovely country road we frequent. She was driving and I was enjoying the view when we passed this abandoned farm house. Now, we have gone by this old house many thousands of times before and I generally take it in with the hay bales stacked beside it, cattle in the distant field, barn to the west and all the bird sounds framing it as a lovely scene. This round however, the scene had an addition that my mind could not take in with one look. “Stop!” I told my daughter. She applied the break and ducked into a driveway to turn around asking why. This is what I told her: I thought I had seen a woodchuck hanging out the upstairs window looking like he was pondering the scenery from his tall viewpoint. I knew how crazy that sounded, but it really had looked that way, the upper half of the animal showing against the side of the window, leisurely leaning and staring out across the hilly pasture beyond. Yes, I was extremely tired, which is why I wanted to have another look, for verification of my mind’s status. Back on the road and heading to the old farm house, she drove slowly so we could get a good sighting. Once the house was in view we both looked at the gabled window and, to our delight, there WAS a groundhog staring out the window! I guess our surprised laughter startled the fellow, for he quickly turned on the window sill, replacing his head with his rump, and retreated inside, presumably down the stairs and to his hidey hole. Yes, we had a good laugh over that as we turned in another driveway to head home again down that lovely country road. What a delight it is to live out in the country!

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