frugal confession #21

Air travel requires, it seems, an awful lot of individually wrapped food items. At least the plastic, paper and aluminum is recycled. Tour bus travel includes a plastic bottle or two of water a day too, but I have noticed that the bottles( in Italy at least), are made with such a thin plastic that they can be crushed with one hand. One also finds recycling containers readily available here.

It also seems that hotels must use a lot of packaging. At least in the dining room they use real flatware and plates. Somehow, using these makes the food taste better, or perhaps the food just is better in Italy. Real plates are used at fast food places too unless you are taking it away (take-out), when they will put it in an aluminum container with a cardboard lid, or wrap it in paper, depending on the item.

Hotels also make it difficult to waste electricity. The card that gets you in through the door also turns on the electricity in your room. Nothing gets left on when you leave this way. Air conditioning is also curtailed by not having the entire hotel air-conditioned in the nicer weather. Some have individual units in rooms, but it is a conscious choice to use it.

Trash is minimal in the streets and it is always easy to find a receptacle for trash or recycling. Many are just trash in one and all recyclables in another, which gets separated after collection. There are also bins for individual recyclables, including that which is compostable.

I also witnessed many solar panels on rooftops, yards and in fields to farm the sunlight that shines so much. I am very pleased to see how Italians have adapted conservation in the modern world. I shouldn't be surprised since they have been recycling since before the common era. Yes, all the pillage and plundering was destructive to buildings, but the rubble was always put back to use for another construction project. It seems second nature to them, a trait I wish all people had.

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