In all of Italy, the streets are too narrow to accommodate the traffic. Or so an American might think. However, to an Italian, it is mere navigational technique. One is not bothered if the oncoming vehicle passes within an inch of your mirror, the point is that they passed and still have their mirror. As well, one finds that to turn right from a left lane, or left from a right lane is a common practice. It is just to be able to make it without harm to human or vehicle and all is good. Tour busses are very large and pass along crowded corridors of streets quite easily and rapidly. Drivers give respect to one another because they want respect when they need to move through. Sometimes there is a very sharp turn and the bus will not make it safely if other vehicles are around, so they honk their horn to warn the traffic that might be around the bend. What is amazing from my perspective is that the traffic around the bend actually stops to be sure the bus can move through. Now, this may be in the interest of self-preservation, but it is important to note that it happens. Nothing like the road hogs and narrow-minded attitude of ownership many Americans display on the roads in the area I live. I too am guilty of this at times, but I think it could be easily discarded from my habits after seeing how well this system works. In the smaller villages, where the streets are only as wide as necessary to pass two donkey carts from the recent past (you know, just 500 years back) cars are very few and the streets run only one direction. I do wonder,though, how often the vehicles need new brake pads…

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