Frugal confession #20

My attempt at packing light has been undercut by my travelling companion. To be fair, she has travelled to over 100 different countries and is well versed in how to pack light. I have been to a mere dozen or so. What can I learn from her...let's see:

"Take stuff you can throw out or leave behind. I did this in China and completely emptied my suitcase. All I brought home were souvenirs!" Great advice, except that I gathered and chose each item carefully, so plan to return with all, barring the loss of my luggage itself. I also don't want to make my refuse another country's responsibility.

So, she has a big red suitcase and a carry on bag, whereas I have two carry on bags (one to be checked) and a backpack.

Her other piece of advice: "Take more money than clothes."

Will a credit card do??? Let's test my frugality in Italy!



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