I have to admit, I look forward to every morsel of food we ingest here. I have rarely been disappointed. I'm glad I took expandable-waisted clothes (that elastic is getting a workout)! And the feast my eyes have taken in is notable too.

Today we visited Amalfi and took in some gelato and candied lemon rind. Ravello gave us some tastes of liqueurs (we purchased the pistachio), then dinner tonight at the hotel brought on fresh rotelli with vegetable marinara, veal (not a fan) and a salad made of sliced, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and basil leaves (oh, wasn't that to die for!) A custard filled cake with apricot took care of desert. Tomorrow's dinner sounds promising with lasagna and swordfish.

Thinking of lunch tomorrow, Mom and I hit up a grocery store for some wine and olives; a fruit stand for kumquats, apricots and grapes, and a Farmacia where Mom purchased a new curling iron. We had looked at a hardware store, but the curling irons there were too big. The experience, though, was the kind of fun exchange one hopes for in a foreign country. The owners/attendants spoke no English and looked intimidated at the thought of trying to communicate. They actually said they didn't speak English in Italian and suggested a store we could go to. We thought there was good potential to find what we needed there and tried Spanish (Mom), and French (me) to no avail, so I turned to those rudimentary but internationally understood hand motions. Pointing, mimicking what something does and the two-finger pinch for small and the two handed big motions turned up almost what we wanted, but not enough. Why did she need a new curling iron? Well, her old (60+ years) tried-and-true lit her hair on fire this morning. She threw it out.

So at lunch time tomorrow we will purchase some fresh cheese to go with our fruit and drink our wine beside the ruins of Pompeii.




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