the forest calling

When the day is dark as night;

Thunder throbs and rain streams down;

The sky is grey and steely blue,

that’s when the forest calls to you.

Come, it calls. Come see and explore

a world of wet and wild galore,

while blessings drip down from above

and spiders’ webs caress with love

your head, your face, your shoulders too.

The ground below stores morning’s dew.

Come, it calls. And while you’re here

notice how the forest deer

take shelter under leafy branch

of understory trees which dance

as droplets fall from canopy

wreaking havoc for the bee

busy collecting nectar sweet

and gathering pollen on its feet.

Come, it calls. It may look dark

deep inside my forest heart,

but let me enter through your skin

my peace residing there within

to help you understand my need

for love and care; protect my seed

as I protect your air and streams:

A filter for your health and dreams.

#nature #photo #poetryandprose


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© 2016-2020 by Janine Clark-Barry