frugal confession #19

As I attempt to pack for a long trip, I find my frugality challenged. My goal is to bring very little so I have little to manage. I am hoping to bring clothing which works in every necessary scenario I will encounter and which is all interchangeable in style and color pallet. This is a very tall order for a person who has no other style than ‘comfortable’! However, I am going with a group and do not want to cause any embarrassment or stick out like a sore thumb. I have had moments of delight when choosing some accessories at various shops, as well as those more frequent sensory overload attacks which cause a knee-jerk reaction to turn and run from the store. In all, I think I have my upper body taken care of in whimsical layers that will be comfortable and pleasing to the eye. My legs and feet are still waiting for their turn. Perhaps that will be easier than I think, what with leggings back in style, but shoes…shoes must be comfortable yet stylish, made for walking but not ruin the outfit. This is a dilemma! Perhaps I can muddle through with some colorful sneakers and a pair of sandals in neutral.

Gosh, I haven’t had to think this hard about what to wear in decades! Well worth it though, as my travels will be to a place I never thought I would see, though had always dreamed of visiting. I will write my next frugal confession from there. Until then, Ciao!




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