Earth Day poem

Below is a poem that follows the form of a familiar prayer. I have reworked it from its original penning in 1995. Funny how poignant it is to feel the same urgency 20+ years later. Perhaps a better word is sad. Yes, I know Earth Day is the 22nd of April, but for myself and many others, it is everyday.

Our mother who art the earth,

Beauty is thy name.

Thy kindness lent, our efforts spent

the cycle remains as it’s meant

Yea, as I walk through your forests, deserts and along shores

I will not be destructive

stewardship is my desire.

Thy state of health sustains me.

I prepare the future for my children

through mine actions and inactions:

Will their cups runneth over?

Surely nothing good will follow me

unless we work together as family,

and you are our home.

#poetryandprose #nature #photo



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