Living between internet connections

Recently we have been without internet at our house. It has made me hyper aware of our dependence upon this super-highway-connection to the rest of the world. Yes, even I find it inconvenient. My kids, however, depend heavily on the internet for their schooling, connection to friends and their entertainment.

My children have been home-schooled this year. They had not previously been, but it was a step we all wanted to take for various reasons. The curriculum for this endeavor was found online, so having internet was key to their ability to learn the school-work.

Not attending a brick-and-mortar school building meant that the connections we have with friends were maintained on a daily basis over the internet connection. We also have family and other friends that live all over the world (Europe, Africa, US) so we keep in contact with them almost exclusively over that super-highway in the cloud.

At our new residence, we have been told that the connection to internet will take about three weeks. I'm sure that will surprise more than a few to read. It certainly surprised us. So "to the library!" we go, almost every day. Thank you, Benjamin Franklin, for putting the wheels into motion for this great public space!




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