Fresh again

New. Fresh. Optimistic. Exciting. We (collectively) have essentially begun again. Relocated (though not far geographically) to a different house, enrolled our kids in school. Wandering through the same town from a different angle makes everything look different. I see things that I had not noticed before. I feel different about the use of the road I live on now. I wonder what is down the street, not ever having taken notice before. The neighborhood calls to me: “Come, take a walk, ride your bike, meet your neighbors!”. Information rolls into my inbox from three different schools and I read it with delight.

Light, perhaps that’s the word that describes this new era.

Light as in bright spot. Now the focus is on the opportunities.

Light as in levity. The kids can be themselves and add another thread to the fabric of a school system in which they are no longer the diversity. They can rest on the platform that is moved by a well-oiled machine accustomed to different and innovative. A place where they have already found a welcome as they never experienced from where they had been before.

Light as in idea. The kids can focus on interests and I can relax, no longer executing some form of protection or damage control.

Of course, no place is perfect. We know better than to expect perfection. We realize that there will be hurtful words or actions by individuals wherever they attend school. That is a part of life in this world, but when that is the majority of one’s experience, anything less harmful is a big improvement. I am fully immersing myself in the improvement, my soul needs the vacation. We all need rejuvenation, and it seems to be happening here. The brick that has been residing in my gut is dissolving and the tension holding my brow in a perpetual furl is dissipating. I am unconcerned with what trials my kids are going through because they will be the normal kind, and excited to hear of what they have done, experienced and who they have met. I have only optimism when I ask about their day. That's fresh!

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