frugal confession #18

Remembering. It is something I like to do. I like to remember the fun times from my childhood, like collecting driftwood and shells and refuse along the beach to make into art. I would like to remember the word that describes that too, but my mind is unable to pull it from the file at this time.

Yes, memories are a great way to recycle joy. It costs nothing now. It provides great entertainment value, especially if its something one can share with others. It costs the environment nothing, but adds joyful vibes to a world wonting in that area. It is also good exercise for the little grey cells. Lastly, sharing memories with others exudes value towards others. Yup, it says, "This event was worth doing, the people involved are worth remembering, and you are worth telling it to."

So, in the name of frugality, I will continue to remember and share this joy! How about you?

... I remember, we called it Seaborn art. File unstuck. Thank you little grey cells!

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