frugal confession #17

Our dryer died. I found out because we had a string of rainy days and I had to use it if we were to be wearing clean clothes. So I only washed and then dried what was necessary, trying to out-wait the weather for the rest.

The last load that went in finished, then I had a mess to clean up and washed another. When I stuck it in the dryer and pushed the button, nothing happened. I thought perhaps the cord had wiggled loose. No. Maybe the fuse flipped. Nope. Perhaps a shake and a little pounding would loose the connection problem inside the thing itself. Nada. I had to dry them all around the living room over night, but it got accomplished.

Well, it turned out that the dryer's motherboard had died. Little as we used the blessed thing, I was fine with not replacing it. A dryer uses a LOT of electricity, what with running a motor, generating heat and turning a cylinder. Electricity in my area is mostly generated by burning coal. In essence I am saying, "Yes, dig up the coal from the earth. Then burn it, polluting the air I breathe and setting out a host of chemicals that also eat away at the ozone, not to mention the carbon particulates that rain down carcinogens to the earth."

Yes, I pretty much say the same thing when I drive somewhere, but the difference is, I have no alternative for transportation, but I do have a clothesline on which I can dry my clothes. If only it would stop raining...




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