love note

Dear Debbie,

How inspiring you are to watch as you move from one long career into another! Fear is not an obstacle for you, but a tool. I watch in amazement as you pour yourself out,

regardless of the pain you may see or feel, to help kids you would never have known otherwise. You truly are living the ‘love your neighbor’ sermon in your everyday work.

Though you leave that employ each day, you take the hearts of the children with you and cradle them in prayer and love as you do with everyone you know. How fortunate I am to be one among them! In those times when you are wondering how you can possibly make a difference, I want you to remember that each life that connects with your presence, your joyful demeanor, and your loving heart, has already felt more worth for it. So just keep on going forward. Take those things that increase your joy and leave the rest behind to be dealt with tomorrow and tomorrow.

With great respect and love,


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