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Not very long ago, somewhere in my 70's (blogs that is) my kids suggested I celebrate the 100th blog with an act of kindness. What was something I hadn't done before? I have done a lot as I try to be an example to my children and not just full of empty words. The idea came to relieve my freezer of some of its contents just a few blogs back and feed the hungry, so this is how we celebrated. We took a Tuesday and made 4 loaves of sandwich bread into 4 loaves of deli meat sandwiches. I also bought some oranges and was given some blueberry muffins with which to top off the meal.

When all was made, we packed it into the car and the kids and I headed down the highway towards Springfield. The first stop was a convenience store to purchase paper towels so I could handle the sandwiches without having to wear gloves. Our first customer ended up being just outside the doors of this store. He was passing through from California and was excited to have a fresh orange. Our next stop was at the center median separating N and S bound traffic on the first diverging diamond in the nation. It took some time to safely cross the road, give these two some food, then re-cross back to the car, but they were happy to have lunch in hand. Now, you might be thinking that we only fed the folks who looked to be in dire need, but I assure you, we only went out to feed the hungry.

We visited the front office at Weaver Elementary to feed the new secretary. I knew she would be hungry since she is not in the habit of bringing her lunch. She was very happy to see the food indeed!

Upon leaving there, we encountered a mail carrier and asked if she was hungry. She was not, though she thanked us for the offer. Wandering through the streets of Springfield, we asked people randomly if they were hungry and offered a sandwich, orange and muffin to satisfy them. Many declined, some accepted. We even stopped in at Isabel's House and they took a few sandwiches for office workers and oranges for the children.

Over 4 hours and 100 driving miles were spent trying to distribute this food, but eventually we came home with a bag of sandwiches, 6 oranges and 5 muffins. Of course we got hungry too and ate some of the food as well. Now we are eating deli meat sandwiches for lunch and dinner until they are all gone because waste is a very bad word in this house! Besides, we all get hungry, and each time we eat one of these sandwiches, we can remember the experience we had to celebrate 100 blog posts.

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