Frugal confession #16

I realize that it must sound odd that I actually go to grocery stores and study them. It is just the way I approach life in general. I stopped 'reacting' long ago and now, when something occurs which I do not have an explanation for, I study it. I get quiet and observe. In the case of grocery stores, the change occurred in me: I realized that I could help what I was concerned with. My concern was all the plastic and trash we, as humans, produce, and where it will be when my grandkids have children. Right now there is so much of it floating in the oceans, and oceans of it in the landfills, I can't fathom where we can 'hide' any more. The over 4 pounds of trash per day that each person in the USA produces adds up fast, but the USA is not the only place producing trash. The world has about 7 billion citizens right now. Mind boggling, and more than I can deal with. I can, however, do my part. Now I go to the grocery stores and study how everything is sold. I see more and more plastic packaging around vegetables and fruits, even those sold by weight. Some stores have sections of organic and bulk foods, but even there I find lots of packaging, and the containers provided for weighing the bulk items in are plastic. Then at the end, when I purchase my food, the cashier or bagger will often automatically drop my items into plastic bags without asking. When I tell them I do not need a bag, they seem lost as to what they should do with the food.

This is why I spend hours studying groceries; so I can figure out how and where to shop for my needs without producing excessive trash. By being conscientious in my choices at the stores, I can feel better about my smaller impact on this earth, for which I care a great deal. I am also sending a message to producers that I want less packaging. Would you like to join me in that?

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