sitting quietly

Yesterday I took the scenic route home. I stopped at a public wild area to reconnect with the season in nature. The Spring rains have made the creeks swell and as they run their course around bends, over rocks and under the foot bridge, the water sings a lullaby. I sat quietly on the bridge listening to the songs and feeling it relax my very soul.

Now I invite you to share in my experience. Looking up the creek and you might notice the redbud tree in bloom that hangs over the water. There also are May apples, Trillium and Phlox blooming on the left bank, though you will not see them in the frame. Under the rocks in the water are crawdads abundant, and the insects are flying and wandering about everywhere. To the right is the forest edge and just before I sat down there, a Red tailed hawk

took to flight.




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