Frugal confession #15

I confess, this week I did NOT want to grocery shop. I did anyway, but not much. Instead, I have been finding ways of using those items I already have on hand to make our family meals. It helps that I have been a bit of a hoarder when it comes to grocery items, but it sure has come in handy! Meat is in the freezer, sauces in the cupboards and some veggies are frozen while others are in cans. I have bought a few fresh items to pull most kinds of meals together, but most of the ingredients have been on hand. It is also nice to thin things out a bit. I think it would be really nice to get the freezer emptied so we don't actually need to use it. That might take a while with 16 cubic feet of frozen food taking up the shelves and only five mouths to feed. Hmm, there comes an idea...perhaps for my 100th celebration I can empty a lot of the freezer and pantry, cook it all up and take it out to feed the folks begging at the traffic lights. I have only a week or two max before that milestone comes around so I'd better start planning!




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