frugal confession #14

This week I had a pretty good experience at the Hy Vee in Springfield. I was out and about and needed to refuel myself to continue without getting a migraine. The Hy Vee was handy at the time and area I was in, and I was curious how it would measure up to my needs not having ever visited before. Walking around the produce section I found their variety was similar to other stores, but they also had food bars and restaurants. Now food bars are not new in grocery stores, but I noticed something very Uncommon here: Plates. Yes, you had a choice. If you wanted to eat there you could use an old-fashioned dinner plate that gets washed, thus one was not forced to use those plastic or foam clamshells for take-out. I was excited, so went further in to find a deli and meat counter and cheese counter. There was even a seafood counter and the meats were often sold by the piece, which indicates no need for weighing and using unnecessary containers. Further in there was a very large bulk section, so the need to go to multiple stores was nearly eliminated. But the prices, well, they are a bit on the high side. Plus the fact that I have to drive 20 miles to get to the one and only store in this area. Overall, though, a decent shopping experience for the plastic-minded nerd like myself.

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