The Mind's Cafe

Sitting in the library enjoying the space and atmosphere to think freely. The air is chuck full of possibility, it is almost overwhelming. Do I want to write verse or chew on a thought? Shall I use my computer or write it in my old-fashioned composition book? My mind is having difficulty focusing for all that I want to say or share and my fingers work slower than my mind. Thoughts jump and skip across subjects and pages; through a variety of emotions, and neither my pen nor keyboard can keep pace. I catch a glimpse of a child making a beeline for something to my right, and a snatch of conversation between two adults passing the table where I sit. Quietly I watch with my eyes, my ears, my sixth and seventh senses; not a sound emits from my throat, but the noise in my head increases until I press the keys to relieve the crowded space in my mind’s café. Hmmm, the Mind’s Café. There’s a handy title for …something. Another tangent to travel! What a very active place the mind is. If I could get my body to be that active I could eat all the oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies I wanted to. Instead I think I’ll sit and study the people engaged in life around me.

#lifeunfolding #peoplewatching



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