frugal confession #13

After checking out (he-he, you know, like at a cash register) several grocery stores in town I have yet to come up with a grade card which can be used to compare the stores that covers what I find important. What I know is that I will not be able to have one go-to store, it will take several to satisfy my needs in an earth-friendly fashion. That in itself is less earth friendly, but what is a girl to do?!

The other discovery is that I will unfortunately not be able to avoid plastics. At all. Very sad!

So far, I have gone to my local Murfin's, Price Cutter, Wal-Mart, Food-4-Less, Aldi's, Mama Jean's, and Akin's. Believe it or not, Food-4-Less and Price Cutter were the best stores to buy from in general on prices and variety of products that were not plastic-wrapped and were locally sourced. Murfin's and Price Cutter were very accommodating to my requests to use my containers instead of their plastic. Mama Jean's had a great variety of healthy food, but prices were higher than I can bear and they still had a lot packed in plastics, with no way to accommodate my own containers for anything but bulk items. They also have only plastic out for the bulk, but you can bring your own containers and they will tare them, or pick up a few of their small paper sacks as you head back to bulk to avoid the plastic.

I will yet figure out a way to put this information in a more useful format, as well as visit even more stores. If you think of a way to display this information, PLEASE contact me.

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